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Student Testimonials


I am a second-semester student at the East West College of Natural Medicine enrolled in the herbal certificate program. I would like to start off by saying how pleased I am with this school. The purpose of this letter is to give details as to why my experience is so great. 

I always feel heard and understood when asking questions and I am given excellent guidance and proper instruction. EWCNM allows for a supportive learning environment. 

During clinic, I feel the professors and supervisors are extremely knowledgeable and give super directives. When treating, I feel confident. The patients feel comfortable and open to having the students treat them. I believe this is due to the calm and effective nature of our supervisors. 

For my online courses, I am very grateful for them since I have small children and it is very difficult for me to attend in person classes. The lectures are concise and the google classroom is very efficient and effective. 

My experience has been exceptional and looking forward in continuing my education here at EWCNM. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here. 

Lauren Craig

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