Transfer students are encouraged to submit their applications 2-4 months prior to the semester in which they seek admission. Students who wish to transfer from other Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine programs must meet the same admission requirements as a new student. All transfer students must pay a transcript evaluation fee in addition to the application fee.

Transfer from Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Programs

East West College of Natural Medicine welcomes transfer students from other acupuncture and Oriental medicine programs. Since OM programs may differ in educational focus and course sequence, EWCNM carefully evaluates an applicant's transcripts in respect to our admissions requirements and reserves the right to determine which courses are acceptable to receive transfer credit. A maximum of three academic year transfer credits are allowed from an ACAOM accredited school. At least two academic years are required to be taken at EWCNM before graduation. Transfer credit is only considered for courses in which the student has received a grade of "C" or better, and must have been taken within five years of discontinuing study unless the applicant has been continuously active in the field for at least two consecutive years.

Transfer from Western Science or Biomedical Programs

East West College of Natural Medicine welcomes transfer students from Western science and biomedical programs. In addition, MDs and RNs may transfer previous course work from medical or nursing school, but must comply with EWCNM admissions policy. Credit must have been earned within the last five (5) years unless the applicant has been professionally active in the field within the last two consecutive years.

EWCNM recognizes the need for physicians to adequately train in acupuncture and Oriental medicine and respects their training in Western medicine. A "fast track" program is available for licensed primary care physicians holding M.D., D.O., and N.D. degrees from accredited medical schools allowing credit for Western science and clinical biomedical courses.

Approved foreign credential evaluation sites:

For more information see our catalog or call the registrar toll free (800) 883-5528.