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 Qigong + Tai Chi

Web Resources


National Qigong Associations  (Events, teachers, certification, research)

Qigong Institute (includes videos, courses, articles, scientific papers and much more related to qigong, Tai Chi and Energy Medicine.)

World Tai Chi Day- (This site provides education, links to research articles, and information on finding local teachers. )

Slanted Flying -(Articles, news, videos, book reviews, school directory)

World Journal of Yoga, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation – (open access, full-text, peer-reviewed)  Includes articles on topics such as: yoga, Ayurveda, naturopathy, physiotherapy, TCM, Tai Chi, massage therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture.)

EWC Library:

Check in section WB 76.5 to find books on Qigong or Tai Chi.


The Way of Energy by Master Lam Kam Chuen

(WB 76.5 .Q1 .C484w 1991)


Heal Yourself with Qigong by Suzanne Friedman

(WB 76.5 .Q1 .F754h 2009)

Qi Gong Therapy : The Chinese Art of Healing with Energy by Tzu Kuo Shih

(WB 76.5 .Q1 .S554q 1994)


The Root of Chinese Qigong by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

(WB 76.5 .Q1 .Y364r 1997)


Imagination Becomes Reality:  The Teaching of Master T’ung-Tsai

(WB 76.5 .T1 .L536i 1984)


Cultivating the Ch’I by Stuart Alve Olson

(WB 76.5 .T1 .O476c 1992)

Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

(WB 76.5 .T1 .Y364a 1987)

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