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Why East West College of Natural Medicine?

Gain hands on experience

The East West College clinic has grown over the years and now provides services by highly trained and licensed natural medicine professionals and also serves as a hands-on training facility for our Oriental Medicine students.

40 Month program

If a student attends full time, the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program takes three years and four months to complete the required 171.2 credit hours. The program runs year round with three terms each year.

Financial aid options

  EWCNM endeavors to provide students guidance on the availability of financial aid programs, how they can successfully apply for these programs, and the requirements, responsibilities, and obligations they incur while participating in these programs. 

Internship and externship opportunities

We give our students a unique opportunity to participate in professional programs off-campus under the direct supervision of Board Certified Acupuncture Physicians. 

The East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM) was established in 1994 as the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts to provide training in the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The East West College of Natural Medicine strives to provide an educational environment for people with similar high- minded goals to facilitate a paradigm shift in healthcare.

At EWCNM, our curriculum covers the four main areas of knowledge required to pass the national board exams and become an acupuncture physician.  As an integrative program, you will learn the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture with point location, biomedicine, and the holistic healing properties of herbal medicine.  With small class sizes, caring faculty, and a campus centrally located on the West Coast of Florida, East West College of Natural Medicine should be your choice to prepare you for a career as an acupuncture physician: Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture with Point Location,

Biomedicine, and the Holistic Healing Properties of Herbal Medicine.


Our students will share our vision by receiving a superior academic and clinical education in acupuncture, Oriental medicine, biomedical sciences, Herbology and adjunctive therapies. Our graduates will be able to actualize this vision by offering their patients a safe and effective means for the prevention of disease, and the optimization of health; thereby, improving the quality of healthcare in America. In addition, the purpose of this institution is to support the professional development of our graduates and other healthcare professionals by offering advanced studies at the postgraduate level.


Located on the southwestern coast of Florida in Sarasota, the program now attracts students from around the country and the world for their Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program.

About East West College Of Natural Medicine

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