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Why should you study Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved over centuries. Current practitioners leverage best practices from both TCM and western medicine to achieve the best outcome for patients.

Pursuing a career in TCM offers opportunities for a broad range of both personal and professional advancements. Below are just a few reasons why a career in TCM is growing in popularity. Come by for a tour of our beautiful Sarasota campus to discover your own reasons to study TCM.

Health Benefits

A career in TCM enables you to offer health improvement for your patients and practice a better lifestyle for yourself. Improving self care is an essential element for success as a TCM practitioner. We can best serve our patients when we are living a healthier lifestyle. The faculty at East West of Natural Medicine make selfcare an essential component of the curriculum.

Lifelong Learning

TCM practitioners are lifelong learners that continue to explore and find the best course of treatments for their patients. Ranging from ancient texts to modern research, there are always new things to learn.

Career Satisfaction

Healthcare workers report high levels of job satisfaction. TCM professionals have more opportunities to collaborate and connect with other medical professionals. This is a growing field.  Increasingly, TCM has been incorporated into day spas, wellness clinics, and gyms. 

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