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Five Summer Habits for Improving Cardiovascular Health

With the Summer temperature reaching record highs in parts of the United States, we often find ourselves struggling to find other ways to avoid the hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable nights.

As a result, many people report feelings of moodiness and higher levels of stress, especially for the elderly suffering from cardiovascular conditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory identifies summer as a time to nourish the heart. Here are five ways to improve cardiovascular health.

1. Remain Calm

In contrast with a comfortable temperature, the summer heat can easily alter one’s mood from order to disorder. This often leads to yin yang imbalance and may be contributed to an increased level of anxiety. The best way to nourish the heart is to remain happy and calm. This can be done by cultivating a new hobby. In addition, you can have your window open at night time for improved ventilation and cooling.

2. Waking Up Early and Taking a Nap

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in waking up early in the summer in accordance with natural laws. As the daytime tend to be longer, you can add a short nap around noon. If not possible, then you should try to rest the eyes to improve blood flow through the cardiovascular system.

3. Eat Real Food

Both Traditionalism Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine are in agreement regarding to the negative effect of oily and heavy food have on cardiovascular health. Simple and freshly prepared food are really important for cardiovascular health. Some examples are watermelon, beans, and tomatoes.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercising on a regular basis can help improve a person’s mood. However, it must be done in moderation. One should workout in the early morning or late afternoon. This will help maintain yin yang balance. Suitable exercise such as Yoga or Taiichi.

5. Go to Sleep Early

Staying up late prevents your body from effectively releasing the toxins from the body. Avoid distractions such as phones or television. Engage in light activities that do not overexcite your body.

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