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Hello. East West College of Natural Medicine Combined Bachelor's of Science in Professional Health Sciences/Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine program that prepares promising, gifted individuals to become Acupuncturists is now presented in a hybrid format. The hybrid program is designed to provide a flexible learning experience that combines online and in-person coursework. The program offers asynchronous courses for didactic classes, which can be completed at a student's own pace and do not require hands-on skills. This approach allows students to learn the theoretical foundations of acupuncture and oriental medicine while fitting their studies around their personal schedules. However, clinical courses and hands-on skills didactic classes require in-person instruction to ensure that students receive the necessary practical training and supervised clinical experience. These classes are conducted on campus or at affiliated clinics, where students have access to experienced faculty and a range of resources to support their learning. Overall, this hybrid approach to acupuncture education provides students with a flexible, yet rigorous, learning experience that prepares them for successful careers as acupuncturists. You can complete the program in as little as 40 months.

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