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BLOG It's Easy as Pie to Apply

How long have you been considering becoming an acupuncture physician? Many people hesitate for three to five years! Why so long of a wait? The reason is simple: Seeing that it's a master's degree program is intimidating to some. They may think they do not have the time or qualifications to see it through to the end.

Guess what? If you are truly passionate about this career, and you have the right college credentials, you could do it. All of us at East West College of Natural Medicine are here to show you how. Let's break down our program's application process into five simple steps:

1. Call or email us—You can reach us at 941.355.9080 or to let us know you are interested. This step you could complete today! We will then call you to go over the specifics and requirements. For admission, we require 60 college credits, 28 of which must be in general education studies. All grades must be “C” or higher.

2. Schedule a Campus Tour—During your visit, we will help you make an informed decision not only about our school but also about the acupuncture field itself. Speak with students, financial aid, and instructors to learn what your future could be like.

3. Submit Required Forms—College transcripts, high school diploma or GED certificate, and a few of our forms. That's all the paperwork we need to process your application.

4. Interview with the Academic Acceptance Committee (AAC)—Traditional Chinese Medicine has existed for centuries but has only become recognized as a viable treatment option in the U.S. during the last few years. EWCNM's doctors have worked tirelessly to gain acceptance into the professional community and approval from the general public. That's why we want to make sure all students seeking admission to the program will work just as hard as they did to lift up the TCM community.

5. Complete Final Enrollment Paperwork—If the AAC accepts you after the second interview, you may proceed with the final forms. That's the last step before moving on to Orientation and the first week of classes!  

Don't let the words “master's program” scare you. Join a growing community of professionals who seek to carve out a bigger place for Traditional Chinese Medicine in the future of medical practice. It's all up to you. Make that first call or email today!

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