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BioScent DX brings their revolutionary approach to healthcare, and their beagle, to East West

- By Christina Aspinall

We’ve all heard the saying, “Give a dog a bone.” But what about saliva? BioScent Dx is currently conducting a study to see if man’s best friend can, in fact, smell cancer. In fact, the mission of BioScent Dx is to use canine scent detection to develop a non‐invasive way of screening for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

With our focus on helping and healing, East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM) was eager to participate in research here on campus.

To kick things off, Heather Junqueira BS, CVT, Director of Research for BioScent Dx, came to EWCNM recently with her pal Paul, the beagle mascot for BioScent Dx. He melted our hearts the moment he walked through the door. 

Many of us on campus offered our breath and saliva samples for the study. According to EWCNM president, Russ Battiata, “Our students and staff were amazed by this technology and excited to help Paul and BioScent DX in any way possible.”

It was a productive day and Junqueira was grateful for the help and support of EWCNM. “With East West College of Natural Medicine’s focus being on natural healing and a whole body approach, I knew they were a perfect choice for our project.”

Check out the BioScent Dx website to learn more about their research. If you want to be part of this revolution in healthcare, take a few seconds to fill out your contact information and they will send you a free testing packet.

About the Author:  

Christina was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Sarasota Florida in 1992. She loves people, pugs, the beach, traveling, Zumba and being able to help people realize their career dreams at East West College.

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