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TCM’s role in the fight against COVID-19

125 herbs are identified as containing compounds that may treat COVID-19

Researchers in Shanghai Pudong Gongli Hospital, Shanghai Second Military Medical University, and Shang-hai Health Commission of Key Lab of Artificial Intelligence collaborated to identify compounds that may be used to treat COVID-19. Of the natural compounds screened, 13 that exist in traditional Chinese medi-cines were also found to have potential anti-2019-nCoV activity. Further, 125 Chinese herbs were found to contain 2 or more of these 13 compounds. Of these 125 herbs, 26 are classically catalogued as treating viral respiratory infections. Network pharmacology analysis predicted that the general in vivo roles of these 26 herbal plants were related to regulating viral infection, immune/inflammation reactions and hy-poxia response. You may find the article on UCLA’s Explore Integrative Medicine website.

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