Yoseph D.Feleke, MD (China), DAOM, BSN, AP

Yoseph D.Feleke

Yoseph D.Feleke, MD (China), DAOM, BSN, AP
Department Chair

Dr. Feleke received a Medical Degree from one of the Top 5 prestigious medical universities, Shanghai  Medical University (shanghai Jiao tong university); a Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture at the university of Shanghai TCM College China; and Master of Oriental Medicine, Bachelor of science in Nutrition from Mid-West College of Oriental Medicine of Racine, Wisconsin.

He has practiced as MD/Acupuncturist and has over 20 years of Clinical experience. He is Board certified and licensed. He has been a professor at Acupuncture Massage College-Miami and Midwest college of oriental medicine –Chicago. He is currently the academic dean at East West college of Natural medicine Sarasota as lecturer, researcher and practitioner and has been a consultant for multiple medical doctors nationwide. He has published text books, medical articles for journals and he became a pioneer in integrated medical approaches.

Integrative health care has been primary focus,. With his strong Western and Eastern medical background and vast array of clinical skills, he has earned himself a strong reputation among his students, patients and colleagues alike. As an influential doctor of integrated medicine, he has been featured on Chinese medical journals and Voice of America.

Dr. Feleke has also helped many people resolve their illnesses including some misunderstood major cases. Through his over 17 years research and practice he had been able to handle difficult cases more effectively by minimizing loss of time and money and has been improving quality of life and well-being of many patients.