Dr. Teresa Renfroe is passionate about her work and helping students achieve academic

excellence. As the Academic Dean, she is dedicated to the improvement and evolution of

the school’s curriculum and serves as a liaison between the departments and

administration. In addition to being a highly respected professor, she advises students

regarding policies and procedures and has helped establish criteria for the standardization

of acupuncture schools.

Dr. Renfroe is a primary care provider and Florida state licensed acupuncture physician.

She holds a Doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine degree from Pacific College of

Oriental Medicine and a Master of Science degree from East West College of Natural


Dr. Renfroe completed her residency program at EWC Health Clinic and completed an

internship in advanced studies at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou

China, where she received training from the top TCM doctors in the region. She attended

clinics in four different hospital departments consisting of internal medicine, gynecology,

Chinese herbal therapy and neurology. In addition, she is also trained and certified in

Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT). She is a member of FSOMA, and currently sits on the

Governing Oversight Committee for EWC and was the recipient of the coveted “Spirit of

TCM Honor” award in 2013.

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