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Training the health and wellness practitioners of tomorrow

For more than 25 years, East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM) has been helping educate and develop skilled acupuncturists and natural medicine practitioners with a unique blend of Eastern and Western medical and wellness knowledge and training. Master of sciences in oriental medicine, alternative herbal medicines.

President's Welcome

As the president of EWCNM, I have the honor of celebrating the transformational role of this college—focused on students committed to intellectual excellence and social responsibility. I want to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone that has helped us attain our new leadership position in EWCNM. Here, we are small enough to be personal and encouraging, yet large enough to provide access and opportunity. We celebrate all of the kinds of students, including traditional undergraduates; students transferring here from community colleges; and students who are out in the work world and ready to pursue an advanced degree, whether to further their careers or expand their expertise. We welcome students and staff from all backgrounds to create an inclusive community that is welcoming, nurturing, and intellectually enriching. We strive to be an institution that excels by its accomplishments in our home community, Sarasota, as well as in the nation and the world. We look forward to having you! 

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Dr.Yoseph D Feleke

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